Chart Recorder AH4700 - 180mm

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The Chino AH4700 180mm hybrid chart recorder series can record continuously a maximum of 24 channels of DC voltage, thermocouples and resistance bulds (RTD) and employs a bright and clear, easy to view LCD display.

The LCD display provides the measured value as 1 point display with multi-points displayed simultaneously. Various measuring and recording settings can easily be done via the front panel keypad and confirmed via the LCD digital display.

A collection of Paper Recorders providing secure and reliable data collection in hard copy form.

Our range of data recorders allow you to record 6, 12 or 24 channels simultaneously and have chart end detection feature to provide you with the easiest and safest way to collect in your process.

Our chart recorders come with a bright and clear LCD display for digital data, along with a bar chart display option for visual indications. Mulitple communication methods make these recorders easy to integrate into your process. Our paper recorders also come with an SD card slot giving you the option to digitally collect information in addition to paper recording.

More Information
Product NameChart Recorder AH4700 - 180mm
Ancillary Description
  • Equipped with SD card (sold separately), it can record data, read and write parameter value.
  • Universal inputs with 10 DC voltage, 36 T/C & 12 RTD ranges.
  • Easy data management by communication interface with USB port and connects with PC directly. RS232C, RS422A,
    RS485 and Ethernet communication interface available as an option.
  • Data acquisition software available with application that expands from recording/management to information processing. Data analysis software can replay display, wave process, editing and trend display.
  • Standard alarm display/ Printing function allows up to 4 types of alarm per each input point. When alarm occurs, status display "ALM" flashes and measured value flashes on LCD operation screen.
  • Chart end detection function available that activates the alarm when chart end is detected.