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In recent years, thanks to the most innovative technologies, the oil and gas industry is finding and extracting resources with greater efficiency and in a responsible manner in places and depths never seen before. Many of the technologies present within these applications concern electric heating.

CD Automation produces a complete line of SCR power controllers that are among the most advanced in the world and able to manage both simple and more complex heating applications in a simple and efficient way.

Typical applications in the Oil and Gas industry where power control is required include:


Offshore Drilling and Production Platforms
Circulation Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Large-Tank Heating Systems, Hazardous-Location Air Heaters, General-Purpose Industrial Air Heaters.


Onshore Drilling and Production Platforms
Circulation Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Large-Tank Heating Systems, Auxiliary Electric Steam Boilers, Hazardous-Location Air Heaters, General-Purpose Industrial Air Heaters.


Downhole Heating & Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage
Immersion heaters, circulation heaters, auxiliary electric steam boiler, large thank heating systems, comfort heaters.


Hydraulic Fracturing
Immersion heaters, circulation heaters, auxiliary electric steam boiler, large thank heating systems, comfort heaters.


Downstream LNG Terminal Applications
Long line cable and control, vaporizers, auxiliary electric steam boiler, explosion proof heater, industrial gas heater, large tanks heaters, packaged skids.


Oil conditioning
Heating of crude oil in the wellhead to increase viscosity, heating of suction lines in storage tanks, fuel transport for boiler or turbine, used oil heating


Oil splitting and polymerization
Regeneration of the continuous catalyst, control of the temperature of the reactor catalyst beds, hydrotreating, hydrocraking isomerization, KO / Flare Drum Vapor / Liquid separator, conditioning of fuel gas for auxiliary start-up systems for boilers and gas turbines


Gas treatment
TEG, MEG Dehydration, natural gas heating to avoid freezing before pressure reduction (compression and dosing stations), liquefied natural gas heating and vaporization, gaseous / amine gas treatment, molecular sieve regeneration, gas dehydration unit, sulphur recovery unit.

Typical Thyristor Power Controller specification requirements include:

  • Complete single-phase and three-phase range from 30A to 2100A
  • Maximum voltages up to 480, 600 and 690Vac
  • Control of resistive and inductive loads
  • Zero Crossing firing, Wave train and Phase Angle
  • Industry 4.0 Ready: Wifi, Field Bus
  • Load and SCR unit diagnostics

BAKEOUT humidity function
The MgO type heating elements are prone to absorbing moisture if not used for a long period of time (or left in storage for long periods). If maximum power is applied to the elements on start-up, excessive current can damage the elements or blow fuses to protect the unit. With the BAKEOUT function you can gradually apply power, burning off any moisture and avoiding possible element damage. Available on REVO-C 1PH and 3PH unit.


UL508 Listed for greater fire safety
The REVO-S and REVO-C single-phase and 3 phase series up to 600V, can be purchased with the UL 508 certification, which allows a reduction in the associated costs of plant certification and shorten project timescales. On REVO-S and REVO-C units the short-circuit current is 100kA.


Simple and sophisticated only when needed
Most applications in oil and gas are made up of resistive heating elements, which do not require special attention. However things change in the presence of a generator, with power peaks and a poor power factor. In this situation, using REVO-C is recommended.

Sturdy and easily repairable
All CD Automation SCR units are generously sized to withstand the most adverse conditions. Maintenance is easy as all major components such as the fuse or thyristor, can easily be replaced in just a few steps even by non-technical personnel.

CD Automation’s range of thyristor power controllers, and a partner program of supporting products that includes temperature controllers, power line filters and network meters, provides a complete solution to the thermal processing industry, delivering both exact heat regulation and accurate temperature and power reporting.

The REVO family of SCR power controllers meet the toughest design challenges and provide efficient, reliable and precise control of electrical heating, which is essential in quality industrial thermal processes including infrared drying, glass manufacturing, industrial furnaces, heat treatment, melting, drying and forming.
Our range of SCR power controllers offer unrivalled flexibility and performance, can help to improve product uniformity and quality, optimizes energy consumption, minimizes waste and probably, most importantly, machine breakdown.

Our products can be used as stand-alone units, connected to a bus system or used in combination with all PLCs, or computer systems.
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