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Power meters that are capable of displaying electrical and machine parameters suitable for single (1PH) and three phase (3PH) applications.

  • 1 Phase Power Meter – N30P

    Programmable digital panel-mount meter for measuring key parameters of single phase alternating current via a 5-digit LED display.

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  • 3 Phase Power Meter – ND10

    Panel mounted 3 phase power monitoring network meter, the ND10 can display indirect measurements in 3 phase 4 wire balanced and unbalanced systems and THD factors for currents and voltage.

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  • 3 Phase Power Meter – ND30

    The ND30 meter is a programmable power network meter with Ethernet designed for the measurement of single phase 2-wire and 3 phase 3 and 4-wire in balanced or unbalanced systems.

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