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Our comprehensive range of Multifunction Energy Power Meters are expertly designed for accurate and reliable measurement  across both single-phase and three-phase energy systems. Capable of measuring active energy, power factor, and AC current, these meters provide a versatile solution for energy management. They facilitate direct connections or can be utilized with a current transformer, accommodating a wide array of communication protocols, including Pulse, Modbus, Ethernet, and Profibus. For ease of installation, we offer models suitable for both DIN rail and panel mounting.

Additionally, our Power Quality Analyzers are essential tools for diagnosing a range of power quality issues. They excel in identifying problems such as voltage dips, transients, and surges, alongside both extended and momentary interruptions. These analyzers are particularly adept at uncovering issues related to harmonic waveform distortion and frequency variation. They offer comprehensive insights into power factor anomalies and active energy fluctuations, thereby ensuring the integrity and efficiency of your electrical systems.

  • 1 Phase Power Meter – N30P

    Programmable digital panel-mount meter for measuring key parameters of single phase alternating current via a 5-digit LED display.

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  • 3 Phase Power Meter – ND10

    Panel mounted 3 phase power monitoring network meter, the ND10 can display indirect measurements in 3 phase 4 wire balanced and unbalanced systems and THD factors for currents and voltage.

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  • 3 Phase Power Meter – ND30

    The ND30 meter is a programmable power network meter with Ethernet designed for the measurement of single phase 2-wire and 3 phase 3 and 4-wire in balanced or unbalanced systems.

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