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Thyristor Power Controllers (SCR) & Solid State Relays

Thyristor Power Controllers that accurately and reliably regulate power for optimal control and energy consumption

Thyristor Power Controller Family from CD Automation

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If it’s your responsibility to minimise downtime and maximise the efficiency of your electrical heating process or machine, then you’re in the right place.

Losing production time for any reason is no fun so the equipment you use must be robust and reliable. It must also be simple to install and use. Arguably it must also offer functionality that can save you time and money. Let us help you find the right product solution for your application. Accurately and reliably regulate power for optimal control and energy consumption with a CD Automation power control unit. Call our support team today on 01323 811100 for friendly advice and guidance. We’re here to help!

Did you know that using a Thyristor (SCR) Power Controller (Stack) or a Solid State Relay from CD Automation can help eliminate downtime by a whopping 95% and reduce your overall purchase cost by up to 90% over the product lifetime compared to using a traditional mechanical contactor.

  • Solid State Relay – REVO S

    Designed to replace contactors, REVO-S solid state relays are suitable for currents up to 800A and voltages up to 690Vac. Available in single and 3 phase formats.

    Helps reduce machine…

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  • Power Controller – REVEX

    Our money saving REVEX thyristor power controller has flexibility at the core if its design, ensuring you only pay for functionality you intend to use.

    Reduce machine downtime and extend…

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  • Thyristor Power Controller – REVO C

    Designed to connect seamlessly with the outside world, our intelligent family of REVO-C thyristor power controllers delivers real-life cost saving benefits.

    Reduce machine downtime and extend heater life
    Phone app…

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  • Multi-Zone Power Controllers

    Do you need to control multiple heating zones seamlessly from one unit? Would optimising power to save energy be of interest? Then our range of multi-zone power controllers could be…

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  • Power Controller – REVEX PA

    REVEX PA thyristor (SCR) power controllers are ideal for switching 3 phase inductive loads that require phase angle firing, with or without current limit.

    Ideal for 3PH transformer loads requiring…

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  • Power Optimisation Controller – REVO PB

    NEW REVO PB gives you 3 independent one phase controllers in a single package allowing you to optimise your electrical heating system & reduce your energy costs.

    Reduces peaks in…

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  • Solid State Relay – CD3000S

    CD3000S has now been superseded by REVO-S click here for details

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