EMI Power Line Filters

Single and three phase power line filters available for all application types.

EMC/EMI Power Filters

If you are experiencing interference with your telephones, flickering computer monitors, reliability issues with data networks, instrumentation errors, or misbehaving electronics you are most likely experiencing EMI or RFI in your electrical environment. Our EMI Power Line Filters are passive electronic devices used to suppress conducted interference present on power or signal lines. They can be used to suppress the interference generated by the device itself, as well as to suppress the interference generated by other equipment.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) are unwanted electrical noise that can interfere with digital, analogue and communication equipment and processes. The disturbance may interrupt, obstruct, degrade, or limit the effective performance of the circuit. In the case of a data path, these effects can range from an increase in error rate to a total loss of the data. Both man-made and natural sources can generate changing electrical currents and voltages that cause EMI.

There are common mode and differential mode components to EMI noise. Common mode EMI noise is transmitted on multiple conductors at the same time and in the same direction on all conductors from source to receiver. Differential mode noise is induced on a conductor and travels in the opposite direction as it does on the ground conductor. This is like a complete circuit with a separate and return path for the EMI.

Our EMI power filters are designed specifically to remove unwanted electrical noise from your process.

For single phase applications (phase to neutral or phase to phase), take a look at our comprehensive range below. For 3 phase power filters (3 or 4 wire) please contact our friendly support team on 01323 811100 or complete our online enquiry form here.

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