Multi-Zone Power Controllers

Do you need to control multiple heating zones seamlessly from one unit? Would optimising power to save energy be of interest? Then our range of multi-zone power controllers could be the solution you’re looking for.

  • Improved power quality
  • Less cable wiring
  • Space saving
  • Easily connect with your system
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Available in a number of packages with current sizes from 3 amps to 800 amps, the CD Automation range of multi-zone power controllers combines precise temperature control with energy saving power optimisation.

Catering for both the simple electrical heat process on packaging machines, through to the more sophisticated short wave infrared paint spraying car production line, we have the perfect solution to your multi-zone, multi-channel power control needs.


  • Save costs with a total solution in a single package – reduces wiring by up to 70% compared to single stacks, cabinet dimensions by up to 80% and a reduction of commissioning times by 20%
  • Cut your energy bills – restrict current peaks by automatically sychronising multiple zones and distributing your power demand across your whole system
  • See what’s happening fast – smart diagnostic functions immediately detects and localizes errors in the load circuit with the support of the extensive TIA diagnostics system
  • Simple connection to your system – connect seamlessly with your management software with the most popular Fieldbus systems


  • Designed specifically for normal resistance heating elements and short/medium wave infrared lamps, the REVO-PN & PC can control both multiple single and 3 phase loads.
  • Multiple Transformer & inductive plus variable resistance loads are handled withthe REVO-TH power unit.
  • Firing modes include Simple Burst Firing and Half & Single Cycle Firing plus Dynamic Burst Firing, Half Cycle and Single Cycle with Sychronisation, Delayed Triggering & Phase Angle with or without Soft Start
  • Fieldbus Comms options include Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Profinet, Profibus & Ethernet IP


Product datasheets and manuals can be found under the Documents & Manuals tab above.

Suitable for Load Types

  • Normal Resistance
  • Short, Medium and Long Wave Infrared Lamps
  • Inductive (Transformer Primary)
  • Cold resistance and SiC element load types (single phase only)

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REVO-PN Multi-zone Thyristor Power Control System

Load Types: Resistance, Short Wave IR
1 Phase: Up to 24 Single Phase Zones
3 Phase: Up to 8 Three Phase Zones
Type:  Thyristor Power Controller
Current range:   25A
Max Voltage:  480V
  • Burst Firing, Half/Single Cycle control
  • Each loop’s process information is managed independently
  • Diagnostics of SCR temperature, SCR short circuit, open fuse
  • Calculation of instant current and RMS Voltage, Current & Power
  • Calculation of load resistance with Heater Break Alarm
  • Modbus Master, Modbus slave, Profibus DP, ProfiNet, Modbus/TCP and other Field bus systems
  • Voltage swing compensation

REVO-PC Multi-zone Thyristor Power Management System

Load Types: Resistance, Short Wave IR
1 Phase : Up to 24 Single Phase Zones
3 Phase: Up to 8 Three Phase Zones
Type:  Thyristor Power Controller
Current range:   3.5A to 800A
Max Voltage:  480V
  • Burst Firing, Half/Single Cycle control
  • Each loop’s process information is managed independently
  • Calculation of instant current and RMS Voltage, Current and Power
  • Calculation of load resistance with Heater Break Alarm
  • Modbus Master, Modbus Slave, Profibus DP, ProfiNet, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet IP and other Field bus systems
  • Elimination of power overshoot
  • Power factor close to one due to zero cross firing
  • Keeps your instantaneous power within the limit of your electricity supply contract
  • Prevents increases in energy supply tariffs imposed by your electricity supplier
  • Quick return on your investment
REVO_TH Thyristor Power Controller

REVO-TH Multi-zone Thyristor Power Controller

Load Types: Resistance, Inductive, Short Wave IR, MoSi2, SiC
1 Phase: 3x Single Phase Zones
3 Phase: None
Type:  Thyristor Power Controller
Current range:   35A to 90A
Max Voltage:  480V or 600V
  • Burst firing, Single/Half Cycle, Phase Angle, Delayed Triggering
  • Three independent single-phase thyristor power controllers
  • Fixed high-speed fuses
  • Control modes include V, I, V2, I2 & P
  • Input signal changeable from front panel, no link jumper change required
  • Two analog and two digital inputs
  • Load and SCR diagnostics
  • Current limit function
  • Synchronization circuit
  • HB alarm
  • Alarm outputs
  • High precision current transducer
  • Monitoring of RMS voltage, current and power

REVO-C Thyristor Power Controller Overview

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