Power and Energy MetersPOWER AND ENERGY METERS
A range of Energy and Power monitoring products that are capable of displaying your electrical system and machine parameters. Digital communications allows integration to centralised systems, SCADA and other building management systems. Ideal for switchgear distribution systems, control panels, utility power monitoring, process control and high &low voltage networks.

1 Phase Power & Energy Meter - LUMEL N30P

Measures voltage, current, active-reactive &apparent power, cos, tg and frequency. The N30P has the ability to display values in three different colours depending on the measured value in the range.


3 Phase, 4 Wire Power & Energy Meter - LUMEL ND10

Panel mounted 3 phase power monitoring network meter, the ND10 can display indirect measurements in 3 phase 4 wire balanced and unbalanced systems and THD factors for currents and voltage.