Solid State Relay - REVO-SX

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Perfect for applications that need multiple heating zones, the REVO-Sx solid state relay (SSR) can provide 3 configurations to suit your specific process.

Suitable for single phase loads up to 600Vac available as a 4 zone 3.5A, 3 zone 4.5A and 2 zone 7A in a single module.

Firing Range
Zero Cross (ON/OFF)
Internal quick blow fuse as standard
Ideal For
Normal Resistance load types
More Information
Product NameSolid State Relay - REVO-SX
Current Range All Others4 x 3.5A, 3 x 4.5A, 2 x 7A
Firing RangeZero Cross (ON/OFF)
Input Signal

DC logic (SSR)

Feedback TypeOpen loop
OptionInternal quick blow fuse as standard
Ideal ForNormal Resistance load types
ApprovalsCE + EMC approved
AltitudeOver 1000m of altitude reduce the nominal current of 2% for each 100m
Auxiliary Voltage SupplyNo
Controlled Phases1
Heater Break AlarmNone
HumidityFrom 5 to 95% but without condensation or surface ice
MountingDIN-Rail or Screw mounting
Load TypeSingle Phase (Phase to Neutral)
Panel SealingIP20
Storage Temperature -25 °C to 50 °C Max
Voltage Power SupplyFrom 24V to 240Vac
Voltage FrequencyAutomatically from 47 to 70 Hz